Band "Name" Type Label Size (length-shoulder width, cm) RUR Info
Amesoeurs "Amesoeurs" T-Shirt Code666 L(73-49) 1120
Angantyr "En Fjendes Doed" T-Shirt Northern Silence L(72-48) 1120
Arckanum "May The World Burn" T-Shirt Perverted Taste XL(72-56) 1120 silver ink
Atomtrakt "Sperrstelle Nordost" Polo Steinklang Industries L(76-53) 1920
Baptism "As the Darkness Enters" T-Shirt Northern Heritage XL(75-55) 1280 grey
Black Autumn "Rivers Of Dead Leaves" T-Shirt+CD+poster Antichristian Front M(75-48), L(73-50), XL(71-52) 960 lim. 100
Black Autumn "Black Autumn" T-Shirt band L(67-50) 800 lim. 50
Blood Of Kingu "De Occulta Philosophia" T-Shirt Eisenwald M(69-44), L(72-48), XL(74-52) 960
Bròn "Ànrach" blue, dark blue, grey T-Shirt Kunsthauch S, M, L, XL ( 700 lim.10
Caladan Brood "Echoes of Battle" T-Shirt Northern Silence M(70-43) 1120 golden ink
Corpus Christii "Tormented Belief" T-Shirt Undercover XL(74-54) 800
Darkthrone "Transilvanian Hunger" Hooded Sweat Zip Jacket M(58-58-59) 2720
Deathspell Omega "Logo" T-Shirt Season of Mist XL(74-54) 1120
Dissection "Reaper" Hooded Sweat Jacket Razamataz M(57-59-59) 2560
Dodsferd T-Shirt Misanthropic Art M(64-42) 800
Drudkh "Eternal Turn of the Wheel" T-Shirt Possession L(71-47), XL(73-49) 960 white
Exiled From Light "Exiled From Light" T-Shirt Hypnotic Dirge M(70-50) 640
Fetters "Fettered Skeleton" T-Shirt+button band M 720
I Shalt Become "Requiem" T-Shirt Moribund L(75-52), XL(75-58) 800
Ildjarn "Ildjarn" T-Shirt Season of Mist M(70-49), L(73-51), XL(77-56) 1120
Inquisition "Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult" T-Shirt Season of Mist L(70-48) 1120
Kaltetod "Logo" T-Shirt Eternity XL(74-54) 960 grey
Kaltetod "Leere" T-Shirt Eternity M(68-45) 960
Kaltetod "Reue" T-Shirt Eternity M(71-46) 960
Karg "Scherben" T-Shirt band M(70-46) 640
Krieg "Logo" T-Shirt Red Stream L(70-53), XL(74-59) 960
Lantlos ".Neon" T-Shirt Prophesy XL(76-58) 800
Lunar Aurora "Hoagascht" T-Shirt Grau M(70-49), L(74-52), XL(75-56) 1200 green
Lurker of Chalice "Lurker of Chalice" T-Shirt Black Goat XL(74-54) 1440 official
Lutomysl "Lutomysl" T-Shirt Nihilward L(71-52), XL(75-57) 800 lim. 50, golden ink
Merrimack "Grey Rigorism" Longsleeve Moribund M(70-49) 1120
Merrimack "Grey Rigorism" T-Shirt Moribund M(72-48), L(71-53) 800
Mortifera "Maledictiih" T-Shirt Drakkar L(72-49), XL(74-52) 960
Mutiilation "Majestas Leprosus" T-Shirt Ordealis XL(76-56) 4800 official lim. t-shirt
Nahash "Wellone Aeternitas" T-Shirt inferna profundis S(64-43) 800
Nargaroth "Black Metal ist Krieg" Longsleeve No Colours M(69-51), L(73-52) 1440
Nebelkorona "Logo" T-Shirt Frozen Wing L(72-47) 800 lim. 30, golden ink
Nebelkorona "Tannenhochforst" T-Shirt Heimatfolk L(72-47) 800 golden ink
Negura Bunget "Maiestrit" T-Shirt Prophesy L(73-48) 960
Negura Bunget "OM" T-Shirt Negura Music L(73-42) 800
Old Wainds "Through The Chaos To Eternal Winter" [first OW merch] T-Shirt Miriquidi L(71-52) 3200
Old Wainds "Deathkult" Longsleeve Monstrous Star XL(63-56-50) 5600
Old Wainds "Forest" Longsleeve Monstrous Star XL(67-54-46) 5600
Sanctus Daemoneon "Nothingless Nothingness" T-Shirt Dunkelkunst S(64-46), XL(72-56) 640 lim. 50
Saor "Aura" T-Shirt Northern Silence M(70-43), L(73-49), XL(75-53) 1120 golden ink
Shining "Black Logo" T-Shirt Avantgarde M(71-46) 960
Shining "Drugs..." T-Shirt Avantgarde L(75-51) 960
(Sic)monic "Somnambulist" T-Shirt Code666 XL(70-53) 640
Silencer "Logo" T-Shirt Prophesy M(73-51), L(75-54), XL(77-58) 960
Sjenovik "Gesellschaft" T-Shirt Band L(74-56) 480
Stielas Storhett "SS" T-Shirt Possession L(71-47) 960 white
Svartidaudi "Red Logo" Wifebeater Terratur Possesions S(63-26-44), M(61-35-48), L(66-37-50), XL(66-42-55) 1760
Svartidaudi "White Logo" Wifebeater Terratur Possesions L(66-37-50), XL(66-42-55) 1760
Teitanblood "Purging Tongues" T-Shirt Norma Evangelium Diaboli M(69-47), L(70-50), XL(73-55) 1280
Tenhi "Folk Aesthetic" T-Shirt Prophesy XL(74-54) 960
Trist (Ger) "Logo" T-Shirt Grau XL(73-51) 1120 grey
Urfaust "IX: Der Einsiedler" Hooded Sweat Zip Jacket Van S(61-56-57) 6400 silver ink
Watain "To the Death" T-Shirt Pulverised L(73-50), XL(77-53) 1120
Wolves in the Throne Room "Two Hunters" T-Shirt Southern Lord L(73-51), XL(75-56) 960 golden ink
Wyrd "My Ghosts" T-Shirt Alles Stenar M(73-46), L(72-51) 640 lim. 70
Xasthur "Subliminal Genocide" T-Shirt Drakkar L(71-53), XL(74-58) 960
Xasthur "Malefic" T-Shirt Hydra Head L(76-48), XL(77-51) 1120
Albrecht Durer "Complete Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer" Art Book Dover Publications 285 pages, softcover 1000
Beksinski Z. "The Fantastic Art of Beksinski" Art Book Morpheus Gallery 80 pages, hardcover 5000
Diableries: a Trip to the Underworld: 19th Century Images of Satan and Hell Art Book Sun Vision Press 120 pages, softcover 1000
Koetting E.A. "Works of Darkness: A Guide to Advanced Black Magick" (2007) [first edition] Occult Book Ixaxaar VG-, 212 pages, hardcover, 234x256mm 30000
ENTARTETE KUNTS (lim. 400, metal artworks history)[1] Art Book The Ajna Offensive 400 pages, hardcover, 21x28 cm 3200
ENTARTETE KUNTS (lim. 600, metal artworks history)[2] Art Book The Ajna Offensive 400 pages, softcover, 21x28 cm 2200
Felicien Rops "Lust For The Devil: The Erotic-Satanic Art Of Felicien Rops" Art Book Wet Angel Books 96 pages, softcover 1000
Gustave Dore "Dore's Dragons, Demons and Monsters" Art Book Dover Publications 80 pages, softcover 900
Gustave Dore "Dore's Illustrations for Paradise Lost" Art Book Dover Publications 64 pages, softcover 900
Gustave Dore "The Dore Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy" Art Book Dover Publications 144 pages, softcover 900
Mark Alan Smith "The Red King" (lim. 999 handnumbered) Occult Book Ixaxaar VG-, 331 pages, hardcover, 234x256mm 12000
N A A 218 "Liber Falxifer: The Book of the Left-Handed Reaper" [first edition, one of the first 131 the consecrated copies] Occult Book Ixaxaar NM, 217 pages, hardcover 50000
Tabula Obscura [ !] (lim. 500, artworks for Deathspell Omega, Sauron, Teitanblood, Jex Thoth, etc.) Art Book The Ajna Offensive 208 pages, hardcover, 21x28 cm 2500
Treasures of Ancient Mexico from the National Anthropological Museum (1978)[3] History and Art Book Crescent Books G+, 95 pages, hardcover 500
Paul Koudounaris "The Empire of Death: A Cultural History of Ossuaries and Charnel Houses" History and Art Book Thames & Hudson VG+, 224 pages, hardcover, 31x23 cm 2300
Vinterriket "Momente ambivalenter Ebenbilder der Zeit - Impressionen eines Wanderers" (2007, lim. 500)[4] Art Book In The Morningside A4 900
Vinterriket "Spiegel der Wirklichkeit - Impressionen eines Wanderers II" (2008, lim. 250)[5] Art Book band A5 800
Vinterriket "Im Antlitz der Ferne - Impressionen eines Wanderers III" (2014, lim. 77)[6] Art Book band A5 2450
Veleda Thorsson "Fragments & the Decline Vol. I: The Sedlec Ossuary" Art Book Licht von Dämmerung Arthouse 80 pages, softcover 2500
Arkha Sva / Sacrificia Mortuorum / Lugubrum - N.O.I.R. Poster Those Opposed A2 500
Drowning The Light "A World Long Dead" Poster Obscure Abhorrence A1 200 damaged
H.R. Giger - Birthmachine Poster Museum H.R.Giger A1 500
Horna "Raiskattu Saastaisessa Valossa" Poster Obscure Abhorrence A1 200
Ildjarn "Seven Harmonies of Unknown Truths" Poster Eisenwald A2 300
Inquisition "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm" Poster No Colours A3 300
Inquisition "Enter the Cult" Poster Iconmusic A2 300 damaged
Lurker of Chalice "Metropolis of Fog" Poster Kunsthauch A3 100
mor " " Poster ASSault A4-A3 1500
Nyktalgia "Peisithanatos" Poster No Colours A2 1000
Satanic Warmaster "Fimbulwinter" Poster signed Werewolf A3 500
Sektarism "Hosanna Sathana" Poster Necrocosm A1 200
Tenhi "Maaaet" Poster Prophesy A2 150
Ulvdalir "Blasphemer" Poster fog of the apocalypse A3 100
Urfaust "Trubadoiri" Poster Van A2 200
Watain "Eric Danielsson" (lim. 333) Poster Possession A2 150
Craft "Logo" Patch 10x7 cm 200 embroidered
Graveland "Carpathian Wolves" Patch Seance 150 embroidered
Mutiilation "Destroy Your Life For Satan" Patch Seance 8x10 cm 200 embroidered
Paysage D'Hiver "Logo" Patch Prophecy 26x4.5 cm 350
Walknut "Logo" Patch 9.5x5.5 cm 150 embroidered, grey
Watain "Devil" Patch 12x12 cm 200 embroidered
Black Madness #2 Magazine A4 350 prof print
Cthulhu statue (lim. 500) Statue Corinne Crowe 19x7x7 cm 2500
Dead Tutankhamun [original] Statue Egypt 6x5 cm 1000
H.R. Giger - Calendar 2008[7] Calendar Morpheus Gallery 1000 used. very good cond.
Satanic Terrorism #3 Magazine A4 200 english
Skull netsuke [copy] Statue 4x3 cm 700
Vinterriket "Im Antlitz der Ferne - Impressionen eines Wanderers III"[8] Postcard band A5 100
Watain "Logo" Metal pin 5.5 cm 300$T2eC16J,!)8E9s4l5+1(BP8h,6gWCw~~60_57.JPG
WIDMO zine #4[9] Magazine A4 200 english

Nick Blinko (Rudimentary Peni), Ed Repka (Megadeth), S. Clay Wilson (Zap Comix), Erik Danielsson (Watain), Kristian Necrolord Wåhlin (Dissesction), Sean Taggart (Crumbsuckers), Joe Petagno (Motörhead), Jos. A. Smith (Bathory), Bobby BeauSoleil (Lucifer Rising), Dennis Dread (Darkthrone), Michel Away Langevin (Voivod), plus 30 more artists
Nick Blinko (Rudimentary Peni), Ed Repka (Megadeth), S. Clay Wilson (Zap Comix), Erik Danielsson (Watain), Kristian Necrolord Wåhlin (Dissesction), Sean Taggart (Crumbsuckers), Joe Petagno (Motörhead), Jos. A. Smith (Bathory), Bobby BeauSoleil (Lucifer Rising), Dennis Dread (Darkthrone), Michel Away Langevin (Voivod), plus 30 more artists
A catalogue of artifacts of the National Anthropological Museum in Mexico City, D. F., Mexico. Contains over 205 color photographs.
A4-landscape hardcover BOOK
ltd 500 / 80 pages / 22 chapters of written text / incl. selected pictures from 1997-2007 / incl. all Vinterriket lyrics ever written (+ lyrics from all side projects)
A5-landscape hardcover BOOK'2008
Ltd 250 / 142 pages / incl. written texts by A.D. / incl. 70 pictures
A5-landscape softcover BOOK'2014
Ltd 77 handnumbered / 276 pages / incl. written texts of Nebelkorona and Vinterriket / incl. 135 pictures
A5-landscape POSTCARD SERIES'2014
1080 copies / each of the 135 pictures available 8 times
ARKONA (Khorzon), BIAŁY VITEŹ (Wojmir/Skogen), DARK FURY (Raborym), DARKTHRONE (Fenriz), DUSZĘ WYPUŚCIŁ (Sars/Blzn), FJORD (Wodansson), FLAME OF WAR (Njord), FOREFATHER (Wulfstan), IPERYT (The Schocker), KALOT ENBOLOT (Svart/Mike), KHORS (Khorus), NECROSCOPE zine (Skalpel), SEGES FINDERE (Strigoi), SKYFORGER (Peter), STABAT MATER/NORTHERN HERITAGE (Mikko), TEMNOZOR (Gorruth), THE WOLVES OF AVALON (Metatron) and VARATHRON (Necroabyssious)... of which most turned out to be extensive and informative. many pseudo-intellectual, narrow minded or simply silly (the ones dealing with reality) questions and wrong answers (or maybe the other way around?). all of it English written and professionally printed on 44 A4 pages. no ads or space wastes (apart from the trendy/glossy cover) nor fancy /unnecessary graphics! yet lots of reading for devoted maniacs!