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Albrecht Durer "The Complete Engravings, Etchings and Drypoints of Albrecht Durer" Art Book
235 pages, softcover
Albrecht Durer "Complete Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer" Art Book
285 pages, softcover
Amesoeurs "Amesoeurs" T-Shirt (Code666)
Angantyr "En Fjendes Doed" T-Shirt (Northern Silence)
Arckanum "May The World Burn" T-Shirt (Perverted Taste)
silver ink
Atomtrakt "Sperrstelle Nordost" Shotsleeve Polo (Steinklang Industries)
Baptism "As the Darkness Enters" T-Shirt (Northern Heritage)
Beksinski Z. "The Fantastic Art of Beksinski" Art Book
80 pages, hardcover
Black Autumn "Black Autumn" T-Shirt (band)
lim. 50
Black Autumn "Rivers Of Dead Leaves" T-Shirt+CD (Antichristian Front)
lim. 100
Blood Of Kingu "De Occulta Philosophia" T-Shirt (Eisenwald)
Caladan Brood "Echoes of Battle" T-Shirt (Northern Silence)
Corpus Christii "Tormented Belief" T-Shirt (Undercover)
Cthulhu statue (Corinne Crowe) lim. 500
Size: 19x7x7 cm
Darkthrone "Transilvanian Hunger" Hooded Sweat Zip Jacket
Deathspell Omega "Logo" T-Shirt (Season of Mist)
"Diableries: a Trip to the Underworld: 19th Century Images of Satan and Hell" Art Book
120 pages, softcover
Dissection "Reaper" Hooded Sweat Jacket (Razamataz)
Dodsferd T-Shirt (Misanthropic Art)
Drowning The Light "A World Long Dead" Poster (Obscure Abhorrence)
Size: A1
Drudkh "Eternal Turn of the Wheel" T-Shirt (Possession)
ENTARTETE KUNTS (metal artworks history) Art Book (The Ajna Offensive)
lim. 400, 400 pages, hardcover, 21x28 cm
lim. 600, 400 pages, softcover, 21x28 cm
Ernst and Johanna Lehner "Devils, Demons and Witchcraft" Art Book
192 pages, softcover
Exiled From Light "Exiled From Light" T-Shirt (Hypnotic Dirge)
Felicien Rops "Lust For The Devil: The Erotic-Satanic Art Of Felicien Rops" Art Book
96 pages, softcover
Fetters "Fettered Skeleton" T-Shirt (band)
Grav "Mental illvilja" Poster (Elegy)
Size: A3
Gustave Dore "Dore's Dragons, Demons and Monsters" Art Book
80 pages, softcover
Gustave Dore "Dore's Illustrations for Paradise Lost" Art Book
64 pages, softcover
Gustave Dore "The Dore Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy" Art Book
144 pages, softcover
H.R. Giger - Wall Calendar 2008 (35x30cm, 12 pages) (Morpheus Gallery)
Used. Very good condition. Rarity
Additional pictures
H.R. Giger "Birthmachine" Poster (Museum H.R.Giger)
Size: A1
Hellveto "In Arms Of Kurpian Phantom" T-Shirt (Black Plague)
lim. 60
Horna "Raiskattu Saastaisessa Valossa" Poster (Obscure Abhorrence)
Size: A1
I Shalt Become "Requiem" T-Shirt (Moribund)
silver ink
Ildjarn "Ildjarn" T-Shirt (Season of Mist)
Ildjarn "Seven Harmonies of Unknown Truths" Poster (Eisenwald)
Size: A2
Inquisition "Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult" T-Shirt (Season of Mist)
Kaltetod "Logo" T-Shirt (Eternity)
Kaltetod "Leere" T-Shirt (Eternity)
Kaltetod "Reue" T-Shirt (Eternity)
Karg "Scherben" T-Shirt (self released)
Koetting E.A. "Works of Darkness: A Guide to Advanced Black Magick" (2007) [Ixaxaar, first edition] Occult Book
VG-, 212 pages, hardcover, 234x256mm
Krieg "Logo" T-Shirt (Red Stream)
Lantlos ".Neon" T-Shirt (Prophecy)
Lunar Aurora "Hoagascht" T-Shirt (Grau)
Leviathan "The Tenth Sublevel of Suicide" Longsleeve (Moribund)
Lurker of Chalice "Lurker of Chalice" T-Shirt (Black Goat)
Lurker of Chalice "Metropolis of Fog" Poster (Kunsthauch)
Size: A3
Lustre "Pantheist Black Metal" T-Shirt
Lutomysl "Lutomysl" T-Shirt
lim. 50, golden ink
Mark Alan Smith "The Red King" (lim. 999 handnumbered) [Ixaxaar] Occult Book
VG-, 331 pages, hardcover, 234x256 mm
Mark Riddick "Compendium of Death" illustration book (Doomentia Press)
600 pages, hardcover, 2.5kg

Compendium of Death, the Art of Mark Riddick 1991-2011, a 20-year retrospective book featuring illustrations by notorious underground death metal artist, Mark Riddick. Compendium of Death boasts almost 600-pages, bound in hard cover format, with introduction by Mike Abominator (GRAVEHILL), an in-depth interview from 2011, and packed with over 700 images and almost 600 pages of unearthed corpses, mounds of entrails, and unholy rituals for some of death metals most iconic and underground bands. Dont miss out on this highly collectible slab of death metal visual history.
Mayhem "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" Hooded Sweat Zip Jacket (Plastic Head)
Merrimack "Grey Rigorism" Longsleeve (Moribund)
Merrimack "Grey Rigorism" T-Shirt (Moribund)
Mortifera "Maledictiih" T-Shirt (Drakkar)
Mutiilation "Majestas Leprosus" T-Shirt (Ordealis)
official lim. t-shirt
Nahash "Wellone Aeternitas" T-Shirt (inferna profundis)
N A A 218 "Liber Falxifer: The Book of the Left-Handed Reaper" [first edition, one of the first 131 consecrated copies] [Ixaxaar] Occult Book
NM, 217 pages, hardcover
Nargaroth "Black Metal ist Krieg" Longsleeve (No Colours)
Nebelkorona "Logo" T-Shirt (Frozen Wing)
lim. 30, golden ink
Nebelkorona "Tannenhochforst" T-Shirt (Heimatfolk)
golden ink
Nefertiti Statue (original, Egypt)
7x3 cm
Negura Bunget "Maiestrit" T-Shirt (Prophesy)
Negura Bunget "N crugu bradului" T-Shirt
Negura Bunget "OM" T-Shirt
Negura Bunget "Transilvanian Black Metal" T-Shirt
Negura Bunget "Virstele Pamintului" T-Shirt (Code666)
Nortt "Unholy Salvation Through Death" T-Shirt (Black Goat)
Old Wainds "Logo" T-Shirt (Miriquidi)
Old Wainds "Through The Chaos To Eternal Winter" [first OW merch ever made] T-Shirt (Miriquidi)
Old Wainds "Deathkult" Longsleeve (Monstrous Star)
Old Wainds "Forest" Longsleeve (Monstrous Star)
Paul Koudounaris "The Empire of Death: A Cultural History of Ossuaries and Charnel Houses" History and Art Book (Thames & Hudson)
VG+, 224 pages, hardcover, 31x23 cm
Saor "Aura" T-Shirt (Northern Silence)
Shining "Black Logo" T-Shirt (Avantgarde)
Shining "Drugs..." T-Shirt (Avantgarde)
(Sic)monic "Somnambulist" T-Shirt (Band)
Silencer "Logo" T-Shirt (Prophesy)
Sjenovik "Gesellschaft" T-Shirt (Band)
Skull netsuke (copy)
4x3 cm
Stielas Storhett "SS" T-Shirt (Possession)
Stielas Storhett "V" T-Shirt (Possession)
Svartidaudi "Red Logo" Wifebeater (Terratur Possesions)
Svartidaudi "White Logo" Wifebeater (Terratur Possesions)
Tabula Obscura [ ] (lim. 500, artworks for Deathspell Omega, Sauron, Teitanblood, Jex Thoth, etc.) Art Book (The Ajna Offensive)
208 pages, hardcover, 21x28 cm
Teitanblood "Purging Tongues" T-Shirt (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)
Tenhi "Folk Aesthetic" T-Shirt (Prophesy)
The Ruins Of Beverast "Blood Vaults" Poster (Van)
Size: A2
Treasures of Ancient Mexico from the National Anthropological Museum (1978) History and Art Book
G+, 95 pages, hardcover
Trist(GER) "Logo" T-Shirt (Grau)
Tutankhamun Statue (original, Egypt)
6x5 cm
Urfaust "IX: Der Einsiedler" Hooded Sweat Zip Jacket (Van)
Size: S
silver ink
Urfaust "Trubadoiri" Poster (Van)
Size: A2
Veleda Thorsson "Fragments & the Decline Vol. I: The Sedlec Ossuary" Art Book (Licht von Dammerung Arthouse)
80 pages
VI "De Praestigiis Daemonum" Longsleeve (Eternity)
Vinterriket "FWRPOS001" Poster (Frozen Wing)
Size: A2
Watain "To the Death" T-shirt (Pulverised)
Watain "Eric Danielsson" Poster (Possession)
Size: A2
Wolves in the Throne Room "Two Hunters" T-Shirt (Southern Lord)
golden ink
Woods Of Desolation "As The Stars" T-Shirt (Northern Silence)
Wyrd "My Ghosts" T-Shirt (Alles Stenar)
lim. 70
Xasthur "Subliminal Genocide" T-shirt (Drakkar)
Xasthur "Malefic" T-shirt (Hydra Head)