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Planetshine "Way to Nowhere"

Cosmic black metal / ambient from Russia.
Planetshine created by Sergei Andrievsky (Psychosis 4.48, Eisflammen, HexenHammer's Flame, Without Dreams, Aurum Solis) in January 2015. Life force of project nourishes the dream of stars, distant galaxies, the knowledge of the universe. The music concept is based on a mixture of Ambient, Atmospheric Black Metal. In 2017, was prepared by the debut full-length album "Way to nowhere", which tells about the journey of the mystical essence of the individual after separation from the physical body. The album includes 6 tracks, plunges into a state of disorientation in the new conditions of existence, the destruction of connections with the past, fear of the coming, dissolution of the ego, acceptance of the unknown and the eternal rest.

It's a digital only release.
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New releases of Kunsthauch

Neige et Noirceur
"Crépuscule Hivernal sans Fin sur les Terres de la Guerre"

     Re-worked first full length with new artwork. It's pure old Neige et Noirceur's winter atmospheric black metal ambient in Paysage d'Hiver style.
     Collection edition: CD in Digipack in handnumbered black/silver envelope sealed by sealing wax, incl. A3 poster and additional "Hymnes oubliees" CD with booklet (lim. 100).
     Standart edition: jewel case CD (lim. 200).

Neige et Noirceur "Hymnes oubliées"

     Compilation of all unreleased and rare tracks. Jewel case CD limited to 200 copies.

Self-Inflicted Violence
"A Perception Of Matter And Energy"

     CD re-issue of forgotten masterpiece from UK in Gris / Miserere Luminis style. Remastered sound, new artwork and exclusive bonus track.
     Collection edition: jewel case CD in handnumbered grey envelope with sealing wax, incl. A3 poster (lim. 15).
     Standart edition: jewel case CD (lim. 250).


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